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Your Government's Commitments & Progress Report On the Abuse of Our Seniors and Other Helpless Canadians

Recently it has occurred to me that most, if not all of my goals could be accomplished by focusing on what should have been obvious to me; Human Rights. When a child is born they immediately become the heir to all of our world's past, present, and future, the good, the bad, and the ugly. If we allow a child to be born, the most important and immediate Human Right is food, shelter, clean water, clothing appropriate to the climate, nothing fancy, just the basics, and the knowledge that someone loves them, and cares.

I have considerable experience in many areas involving poverty, seniors care, witnessing and experiencing all manner of suffering and abuse that we inflict on each other, and why we do. I am presently a Director at large on a committee of the Federal Liberal Party of Canada in the Quinte region. I intend to do whatever I can to help bring attention to the deplorable conditions so many people are struggling to survive in. This, in one of the most wealthy and at least on paper, enlightened countries in the world.