Click on the images below to read the facts before you criticize the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. A history of unimaginable suffering and death, initiated by the Canadian Government and carried out with the help of several religious organizations bent on erasing a culture that existed for thousands of years.


They Came for the Children

1971 Crying Indian PSA "Keep America Beautiful"

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We are all part of North America, and yes we need jobs and money to provide for ourselves and our families.
But at what cost...? (Does it really matter that he wasn't an indigenous person? The message is what really matters).

For immediate emotional assistance, call 1-844-413-6649. This is a national, toll-free 24/7 crisis call line providing support for anyone who requires emotional assistance related to missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. You can also access long-term health support services such as mental health counselling and community-based cultural services through Indigenous Services Canada.