Some of the books we  feature are now considered to be 'Collectables' and will soon increase in value; a good investment for the future! A good example is John Melady's EXPLOSION-Trenton Disaster. Available through us and selected sellers. H. E. Communications Inc. is the publisher. As of September 2018 (John's 80th birthday) John will no longer be writing books. He will of course continue writing magazine articles and other works!

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See what David Gilmour created, to achieve the impossible!

More Canadian Authors

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They Came for the Children

1971 Crying Indian PSA "Keep America Beautiful"

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We are all part of North America, and yes we need jobs and money to provide for ourselves and our families.
But at what cost...? (Does it really matter that he wasn't an indigenous person? The message is what really matters).

The Philosophy & Psychology of Comparative Religion. Books by The Late Great Alan W. Watts

                    If you were once on the path to find answers to life's basic questions; such as, who or what am I ? Is there a God?
                    Do we have a soul ? -return to the path and read Alan W. Watt's books. You will soon become Enlightened and
                    amazed, when you discover that the truth has been hidden in Plain Sight all along. Alan wished to share his discoveries
                    with as many people as possible, and that's why we have reduced the price of these invaluable books

Timeless Classics

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  Starring the late John hurt and Richard burton(best version)                                                                                                                                                                                      

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