Some of what we do:

Publish/sell and distribute books by Canadian authors writing about Canada and it's wonderfully diverse and inventive people.


To keep our Homeland "Strong and Free",

we Support a 'Buy Canada'  'Made in Canada' policy.

                                     But we do realize that this is not always possible, because no one can compete with the lower Chinese prices,                                           and the fact that China has flooded the North American market with almost everything you can think of;
                                     made affordable by lower labour and production costs. Sad to say, but even our Canadian flag is made in China.
                                     We also understand that the very high cost of living in Canada forces shoppers to purchase what ever is
                                     cheapest. But if you can afford to buy Canadian goods and services, by all means, please do so.
                                     This keeps Canadian jobs in Canada and in the long run strengthens our economy.

Keep an eye out for some of our future projects to come:

-The making of two feature length films, with much of the filming done right here in Quinte West & in the Hastings Highlands.

THE ORIGINAL HOLLYWOOD NORTH PRODUCTION CO. and other producers will be involved.

- Historic Canadian films with new musical scores-they should be of interest to students

  and others, who wish to study the evolution of acting and film making from it's inception.

- Music CD'S by some very talented Canadian musicians.

Some of the books we will feature are now considered to be 'Collectables' and will soon increase in value; a good investment for the future. A good example is John Melady's EXPLOSION-Trenton Disaster. Available through us and selected sellers. H. E. Communications Inc. is the publisher. As of September 2018 (John's 80th birthday) John will no longer be writing books. He will  of course continue writing magazine articles and other works.

Featured Book:EXPLOSION-Trenton Disaster- A factual account of the events that occurred on Thanksgiving weekend 100 years ago, and the questions that still persist as to whether these events were actually planned by the governments of the day. Read it and decided for your self.

Other Books by John Melady

We will be adding a Pay Pal button with options to pay with credit card(s), but we must warn you that the cost of shipping is
very high. As quickly as we can, we will be adding other options to buy our products, i.e., re-sellers that will carry our books          

and other items, to avoid shipping costs and make them more affordable. We are also arranging (pick-up) locations-You pay for the item(s) on line from our web site, then pick then up at a location that is near where you live. At the time that you place your order

we will inform you if a pick up location is near your address, before you pay.